Long Day on Hyalite Peak 9.22.2012

View from the summit of Hyalite Peak

The excellent adventure/writing blog Semi-Rad recently published an article titled “I Don’t Like It, But I Love It: The Long Day“. The author, Brendan Leonard. describes a rock climbing trip with a surprisingly long hike out. The article goes on to describe something called Type 2 Fun. Things are aren’t fun but they are. This is a theory that I¬†definitely¬†subscribe to and one that I got to experience firsthand last Saturday.

I set out with two friends from the Hyalite Creek trailhead at around noon. Our goal was 10,300′ Hyalite Peak. We were loaded down with overnight and camera gear, planning on spending the night at Hyalite Lake. We ascended the 5.5 mile Hyalite Creek trail rapidly, ascending through the forest and gradually entering higher terrain, our travel marked by shrinking trees and remarkably yellow alpine shrubbery.

We reached Hyalite Lake around 3pm and set up our camp on the shore of the lake. Shedding my overnight gear lightened my pack substantially and we blazed our way up the remaining 2 miles to the summit.

Climbing the ridge to Hyalite Peak

The view from the summit was supposed to cover Blackmore Peak, Yellowstone National Park, the Paradise Valley, Hyalite Reservoir, and Bozeman. It’s still quite smoky, however, and the summit of Hyalite is about as close to the Millie Fire as it is legally possible to get. We could see down into the basin that surrounds Hyalite Lake and a little sliver of the Paradise Valley. Still worth it and a very cool place to hang out for a little bit.

Hyalite Peak Summit Panorama

After scrambling our way down the summit ridge and bowl, we cooked dinner at our campsite and then sat around. I’m not quite sure who brought it up first, but gradually we began to decide that we wanted to hike out that night. It would make for a 16 mile day with overnight packs and almost 4000′ of vertical gain. We hit the trail back down towards the trailhead at 7:30 and were hiking in the pitch black by 8:30. Covering the 5.5 miles back to the car in a hair under 2 hours, we got to the parking lot at about 9:20PM. My GPS read 16.5 miles total trip distance and my feet felt like numb, bloody stumps. I would never call any part of the two hours spent stumbling and tripped our way back by the dim headlamp beam fun, but having covered 16.5 miles to the summit of a remote 10,000′ peak and back in an extended afternoon was a blast. Definitely the definition of Type 2 Fun.

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