Winter on Cape Cod

I spent the holidays on Cape Cod with my family. It was great to leave the city and get the chance to go hiking and shoot some landscapes around the Cape. I've always loved winter in this part of the world because very few people get to see it. The Cape is mobbed from May until October but everyone leaves just when it gets interesting. This winter I got out to shoot twice around New Years.

One of the best places to watch the sunset is the Knob in Woods Hole. The breakwater stretches out into Buzzard's Bay and provides a rare glimpse of the western horizon. Depending on the tide level, the Knob can be pounded by frozen surf or, as it was on my trip this year, surrounded by an expanse of rocks and beach. I was treated to a fantastic sunset and cloud bank and I spent most of my time on the shoreline with the Knob itself silhouetted by the setting sun.

I've made it a bit of a tradition to get out for a hike and sunset shoot on New Years Eve. In the past I've gone to Long Point Lighthouse and Race Point Lighthouse and this year I found myself at South Cape Beach State Park. The first real cold snap of the year had just set in and the shoreline was entirely covered in paper-thin ice that had been blown onto the dune grass. The light was glowing and I had a great evening crunching through the plates of ice.

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