San Francisco Skyline from Ina Coolbrith Park

Work recently took me back to San Francisco. I had grand plans to do a bunch of photography but only ended up with about an hour to myself before I had to head to the airport for a redeye back to Philly. I'd spent a bunch of time plotting out locations in and around the city, but ended up stumbling upon this tiny window by chance while walking to the top of a hill.

My original plan had been a timelapse of traffic on Lombard Street, but there was far too much foot traffic and not enough vehicle traffic. Stumped and running out of time, I started walking uphill, guessing that there would be an interesting view from higher elevation. One of the coolest things about San Francisco is the number of different views in different directions that the many hills provide. This is also one of my favorite ways to explore a city: wandering around looking for a cool view. I've found so many places this way that Flickr/Google searches would never highlight.

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