PhotoPlusExpo Weekend in NYC

Every fall I head up to New York to meet some NSOP friends for the PhotoPlus Expo. Most of them drive down from Rhode Island, but we still always try to cram in a sunrise or sunset shoot during the day.

This year, I headed up to New York on Thursday to work for two days before the expo. This also gave me a couple of extra days for photography and I knocked off one of my major bucket list locations: the Manhattan Bridge.

I tried to shoot from this spot a few years ago but was blocked out by the high fencing that runs along the entire bridge deck. Some time between now and then, someone has cut a huge hole through the fencing and I was able to shoot from a couple different angles as the sun was setting behind downtown Manhattan.

I stayed at one of my favorite NYC hotels: the Hyatt Regency Jersey City. It's a nice hotel, but the main selling point is the location right on the Hudson River waterfront. This hotel has the best sidewalk view of any hotel I've visited.

After the expo, we walked down the Highline to the World Trade Center and took PATH over to Jersey City to photograph blue hour at Lefrak Lighthouse. This was another re-visit for me. Last year, the morning of the expo was extremely cloudy and rainy and there was no sunrise. We were more fortunate this year and got to shoot a pretty unique location.

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