Top Five of 2015

Every January my Facebook feed is filled with other photographers posting some number of their best shots from the previous year. Last year it was 14 and this year, for me, that number is five.

Smooth Saint Paul - Sunset from Indian Mounds Park This photo is one of the best representations of my year. I spent the summer working from the Twin Cities and was able to explore a lot. Most of my time was spent in Minneapolis itself but on a trip over to Saint Paul I hiked up to the bluff overlooking the Mississippi, the skyline, and the Minnesota State Capitol. This spot was the best that I could find after a half an hour of walking up and down the trail, swatting mosquitos. Although the sunset was mostly cloudless, the smooth gradient of color was gorgeous and I snuck in a great timelapse, as well.

Sodium - Manhattan from the Manhattan Bridge This year, on the weekend of the PhotoPlus Expo, I returned to the Manhattan Bridge to attempt to shoot the sunset behind the Financial District skyline. Two years ago I was skunked at this location because the fencing on the bridge was too tight to accommodate a camera lens. Between then and now, someone has wrenched the fencing open and I was able to get this shot.

Hidden Glimpse - San Francisco and the Bay Bridge Another constant theme of my year was traveling for work. Besides my extended trip to Minneapolis, I also flew out to San Francisco twice (and I'm headed there again next week). Each time I go it seems like I end up with no time for photography, but last May I spent the last few hours before my flight home wandering around near Lombard Street looking for a skyline view. At the last minute I found this little park with a hole through some trees that afforded this view. Some of the bushes still peek through into the photo, but it works.

Charging Through the Chute - Skiing Summit to Car on Mount Washington I spent one weekend skiing during the winter of 2014-2015. Although this was a far cry from the 80+ days/season I used to get when I lived out west, last year definitely sets the bar for quality over quantity. I drove up to Mount Washington with Ben and Dave and we hiked to the top of Mount Washington and skied from the summit to the car. This has been a lifelong goal of mine and I was thrilled that the all the elements pulled together to make it happen.

Glowing Tent - Michaux State Forest Since moving to Philadelphia in 2014, I've been stuck in the city more than I would like. In early April I snuck away for a quick overnight backpacking trip in Michaux State Forest. This was the first time we'd brought the dog on an overnight trip, so we didn't hike too far but it was great to spend a night in the woods.

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