Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

One of the benefits of living in Philadelphia is easy access to the rest of the East Coast. I've been traveling up to New York almost weekly for work but up until a week ago I hadn't taken advantage of the quick train ride south to Washington DC. I traveled with a friend to check out a few of the Smithsonian Museums and the predicted peak of the Cherry Blossoms.

We succeeded at both goals but were extremely surprised at how busy the entire city was - apparently everybody else on the East Coast had the same weekend idea as we did.

We started the day walking from Union Station past the Capitol to the Air and Space Museum. After several hours and lunch, we walked down the Mall to the Washington Monumen, Reflecting Pool, and the Lincoln Memorial.

After circling around the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool we walked back up towards the Natural History Museum.

The highlight of our trip, and by far the most crowded section, was the walking loop along the Tidal Basin. The cherry trees truly were in full bloom, the weather was fantastic, and the walk around the water to the Jefferson Memorial was beautiful. I stopped countless times to try to isolate the trees, flowers, and surrounding landscape from the swarming crowds.

Some of the most effective shots were more abstract that I would usually compose.

As the sun set lacklusterly, we walked back up the Mall to the train station and stopped at the Capitol Reflecting Pool. This park was set back around the side of the Capitol building and the small pool of water was reflecting the dusk atmosphere perfectly.

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