Return to Glen Onoko Falls

On April 24th 2016 I drove back up to one of my favorite spots in Pennsylvania - Lehigh Gorge State Park. Lehigh Gorge is an easy drive from Philadelphia and has a great bike path and easy access to some great hiking trails. The Glen Onoko Falls trail has quick access to a great series of waterfalls. At the top of the waterfalls, the trail branches off along the top of a ridgeline with great views of Jim Thorpe and the surrounding mountains.

From the parking lot, the trail curves under the road and the railroad tracks and then branches off at a sign. The left fork follows the stream sharply uphill along the falls and the right fork travels a slightly less rigorous route up to the top of the ridge. Both trails meet at the top of the falls at a large rock and continue northeast along the ridgeline to a fantastic overlook.

On this particular trip I took the right fork out to the overlook and then hiked downhill along the right fork (left fork while heading downhill) along the falls. I stopped a few times to take pictures and a timelapse, but was very dissapointed by the amount of graffiti and trash that were choking the falls. Sometimes humans can be truly disgusting and I watched several hikers throw water bottles and cigarettes into the falls.

The timelapse that I did stop to take is embedded below. This was my first time out with my Revolve Camera slider setup and using my A7R as my dedicated timelapse camera and I struggled a bit with the gear. The clip has different speeds of movement along the rail and a few dropped frames. Overall a very frustrating photo trip but a very rewarding hike in the woods.

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