First Motion Controlled Timelapses

I've been shooting timelapses for a few years now but one of the things I've never been able to accomplish has been a motion controlled timelapse. I spent one winter trying to build my own version out of PVC pipe and a slow-geared motor but was ultimately unsuccessful. Last Black Friday, Revolve Camera had a sale on their slider kit and I bought one, figuring it was a cheap entry into the slider world.

The kit arrived but I didn't really set it up and try it out in the real world until my recent hike to Glen Onoko Falls. One of the benefits of this kit is that it's lightweight and only has a few parts so it's easy to hike and travel with the slider. The combo of my Induro tripod, slider kit, and A7R makes a really lightweight, extremely high quality timelapse kit that I could easily add to my overnight backpacking gear.

I've had a frustrating time finding an intervalometer for my A7R and A6000 so that has created a few issues with my actual timelapse shots using this setup. I had a pretty successful shoot at Thomas Mills Covered Bridge in Wissahickon Park last weekend, though.

The one downside to the Revolve kit is that the clamps that hold the motor belt stick up above the body of the slider and hit the plate that holds the motor itself. This reduces the usable length of the slider by about 8 inches. Not a huge deal but a bit annoying given that the slider body on this kit isn't super long anyways. I've tried a few ways of adjusting the clamps to try to move them out of the way but I've had no luck.

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