First Trip to Hickory Run State Park

I got out for my first hike of the fall over Labor Day Weekend. I've been stalking pictures of the Hickory Run Boulder Field and the nearby chapel and waterfall for a long time. The park is near Jim Thorpe and Glen Onoko Falls and, like that site, is an easy 1.5 hour drive from Philadelphia.

The boulder field is strange sight. It seems randomly dropped in the middle of the surrounding relatively rock-free pine forest. For the easiest access, you can drive right to the boulder field but the far superior route is to hike in from the trailhead on PA-534.

The hike is about 8 miles round trip through beautifully lush forest that alternates between ferns and deciduous trees and pine stands. The trail can be a bit crowded, as Hickory Run State Park and the Boulder Field are quite popular, but the ease of driving keeps most of the crowds off the trail.

This park, and the trail, are also definitely a dog friendly spot. We met several other groups with dogs. My dog wasn't very excited about picking her way around the boulders but enjoyed the hike greatly.

On the other side of the trailhead from the Boulder Field Trail is a short trail down to Hawk Run Falls. This is even more crowded than the boulders, especially on a hot summer day, but it's well worth it if you keep walking a short distance past the falls to cool your feet in Hawk Run itself.

The last stop at Hickory Run State Park was the chapel (headline image on this page). I'd seen shots of this on Instagram for months. We've had a very dry and hot summer in Pennsylvania so I was thrilled to find the waterfall running. The chapel is right off of PA-534 so it's an easy stop to make on the way out of the park.

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