Thanksgiving on Cape Cod

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Since moving to Philadelphia, I've liked it even more as it means a chance to spend the better part of a week outside the city on Cape Cod.

Ever since really getting into photography in high school I've wanted to take a picture of a wood-slat bordered path to the beach at sunset. It's a pretty iconic Cape Cod (or anywhere with a beach) photo but I've never managed it. On the day before Thanksgiving I drove a few minutes from my parent's house to Surf Drive Beach and gave it a shot. The sunset came and went seemingly in a flash but I still got a pair of pretty great images from the path, one of which leads this post.

As the sunset was fading, I noticed the brilliant orange glow behind distant Nobska Light. This lighthouse is one of the more difficult ones to photograph as a road wraps around the point of the lighthouse and the beach on the eastern side is very rocky and inaccessible. The only way to get a picture that really features Nobska Lighthouse itself is from far away.

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