Golden Gate Layers

I traveled out to San Francisco for a company holiday party in December of 2014. This was just my third trip to California and my first trip to the Bay Area and it was really exciting to be able to explore another new city in 2014. I had plans to check out multiple spots around SF but the demands of work kept me tied to my computer for most of the week. I did sneak out one evening to shoot the sunset from Twin Peaks. The sky was a bit hazy and the peak was wicked crowded which kept me from taking the iconic skyline photos I was seeking.

Just before leaving, I looked behind me and noticed that the Golden Gate Bridge was visible off to the north. I've been trying to use my telephoto lens more in landscape shots and this was a perfect example of why. This is a pretty unique view of a very famous bridge with the lights from cars streaming around the roads of the Marin headlands.