Charging through the Chute

I've hiked and skied Mount Washington in all kinds of weather and I've seen the weather famously change in an instant all over New England, so I kept my expectations low as we climbed higher and higher up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. The weather held and after a slog through the entire gamut of late spring trail conditions, we topped out on Mount Washington after 5 hours of climbing.

Ben and I split up for the ski down. The Upper Snowfields were in perfect condition - beautiful peel-away corn snow that wiped out the nerves I always get from big mountain backcountry skiing. Ben traversed across the top of the ravine to ski Chute and I sidestepped my way down to Right Gully so I could shoot across the Ravine at Ben. We met at the bottom of the ravine, billygoated our way through the Lower Snowfields (not the most fun but at this point we had to ski top to bottom) and skied out through the very patchy Sherburne trail.